Board of Directors and Advisors to Respite for All Foundation
Board of Directors and Advisors to Respite for All Foundation
Board of Directors and Advisors to Respite for All Foundation

The Respite for All Board of Directors brings together individuals from all walks of life to help guide the vision and mission of the foundation in serving Respite Ministries and communities across the country with unfailing faith, support, hope, and love.

Daphne Johnston

Co-Founder and Executive Director, Respite for All Foundation

Lynn Beshear

Chair Commissioner, Alabama Department of Mental Health -– Retired

“In the complex journey to care for individuals living with dementia who increasingly are impaired in their ability to remember, think, or make decisions that interferes with doing everyday activities, the role of the caregiver(s) is paramount. Indeed, that individual(s)’s mental, emotional and physical health is at stake. Dementia changes everything. The critical importance of respite care for both care-receiver and caregiver cannot be overstated; it is lifesaving.” – Lynn Beshear

Scott Bamman

Vice-President, Thornton-Farish Investment Bankers

“Here in Alabama a template for a faith-based support program for people living with dementia and their families has been developed and extensively refined. God offers us the opportunity to share that learning and expertise nationwide and even worldwide. RFA humbly answers that call to offer this gift as graciously, effectively, and broadly as we can to those whom we might never know.” – Scott Bamman

Tricia Seay

Treasurer, Former Medical Technologist/Science Professor

Bishop Lawson Bryan

Board Member, Bishop, South Georgia Conference, The United Methodist Church – Retired

“I want to support RFA because RFA is on the leading edge of addressing a major social need for which no one else knows what to do. RFA leads to increased vitality among churches, synagogues, and other groups who are involved, and RFA enables communities of faith to engage in asset-based community development.” – Bishop Lawson Bryan

Elizabeth Crum

Board Member, Business Owner – Retired

“I volunteer at Respite and have seen the positive impact the program makes for participants, caregivers, and volunteers. I want this experience available for more communities throughout the country.” – Elizabeth Crum

Anne Elizabeth McGowin

Board Member, Owner, Senior Law Solutions, LLC

Jenny Ives

Board Member, Real Estate Executive – Retired

Daniel Lindsey

Board Member, Attorney, Rushton-Stakely

Andrea McCain

Board Member, Senior Vice President, CB&S Bank

Bill Newton

Board Member, State Finance Official – Retired

“My church created this program as a way to serve our ‘neighbor’ as Jesus commanded, and serving on this board allows me to participate in spreading this wonderful program across the nation. This opportunity is exciting to me.” – Bill Newton

Tom Watson

Board Member, Bell Systems Executive – Retired

“I have volunteered at Respite for over eight years and have seen the joy and love it has brought to the participants, caregivers, and volunteers. Therefore, I would like to see this organization spread all over to other people.” – Tom Watson